Dear Deputy Zoschenko,
I wanted to write and thank youagain for the kindness you've shown my mother. It was difficult for me to find out about her after all these years and even more difficult to see her. I hope i didn't seem like a jerk by staying for such a short period of time and then leaving so suddenly. I had a hard time being with her, but i hope i'll be able to get used to it and someday i can treat her the way you do.
The other reason i'm writing is that i've decided to come to Centresburg again in May after finals are over and before i start my summer job. I realize you're very busy, but i was wndering if you might be able to find the time to show me around the area.
I was also hoping i might be able to meet some of the family you said i have around here.
I know i could come back and just visit my mom, but i feel like i should get to know Coal Run, too. After all, it is where i am from.
Sincerely, John Harris (Raynor)

Dear John,
I'll look forward to your visit. I'd be happy to show you around and introduce you to your family.
Regards, Ivan Z

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